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Bill of health

Security Diagnostics and Prescription for the iSeries

Security on the iSeries is very comprehensive and flexible, but also very complex to administer. You may think you have locked everything down, but are you aware of all the potential back doors and traps for the unwary?

A security audit may be a costly and lengthy process, and throw up all sorts of anomalies. For example, you may have restricted command line access in your ERP system, but what about access from all those PCs out there? Do you have any control over what is going on at remote sites? Are you sure that no one is changing your data under the covers? Are you au-fait with what needs to be done with APIs to secure your files from malicious access?

Bill of Health will run a series of checks for vulnerabilities and produce a report that recommends actions.

Run the software every month or after every upgrade for a CLEAN Bill of Health. The reports provide evidence of Due Diligence and careful Risk Management.


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