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BPCS Services


BPCS Consultancy

Help with implementing that BPCS add-on? Or with planning your upgrade to V5 OS/400? Or just general BPCS consultancy.

BPCS Database Tuning and iSeries Performance Tuning

After an upgrade or after archiving you will need to have the system retuned, and the BPCS Database will need attention too. New indexes will be needed, and it is also a good time to eliminate file increments and deleted records. If your database has not been tuned before, you may see a 40% improvement in transaction response times.

BPCS Modifications

Still need that custom modification? We can help with programming and deep knowledge of BPCS and ASSET.

BPCS Application Management

No longer using OGS or the SSA Helpline? We can help with queries about BPCS functionality and issues. If you don't have people who can create new BPCS environments or consolidate existing ones, we can help with that too. how to secure your system. We can also do the work required if necessary.

BPCS Healthcheck

A one-day audit that will highlight deficiencies in your BPCS environment, and provide a report and plan of action.

BPCS Security Audit

BPCS Security is not all encompassing, especially if you have PCs in your environment. There are also some common pitfalls and black holes to be avoided! The audit will pinpoint these and advise you on how to secure your system. We can also do the work required if necessary.

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