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Are you facing a Sarbanes Oxley compliance audit?

Or maybe you just want better control of your BPCS user authorities.

This software can help! By Invitation Only allows you to manage your BPCS user profiles and authorities. You can print reports to show auditors which users have access to the program that allows a customer credit limit to be changed in Accounts Receivable, or you can print a report showing exactly which programs a particular user can access.

BPCS Security has always been difficult to manage. Authorities are kept in several different files, and even deleting redundant user profiles can be a major undertaking. This aspect of the software is also useful for an SSA usage audit.

If your company does not have a US site, and is not subject to Sarbanes Oxley, read on. The Sarbanes Oxley Act, to enforce greater transparency in a company's financial affairs, was passed after the Enron and WorldCom debacles. In Europe we now have the Parmalat scandal, and we will probably see similar compliance laws soon. Be prepared now! Use By Invitation Only to tidy up BPCS security, and be ready to show you company's compliance.


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