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BPCS is not shipped with its own set of Archiving procedures, and the relationships between the files are sometimes quite complex.

After you have been running with BPCS for two or three years, many of the key files will have grown enormously. Examples are the ECL (Order Line) file, the IPP (Picking List) file, the ZPD (Document printing) file, the CMF (Cost master) file and the ITH (Inventory Transaction History) file.

The files that form your biggest problem area may be different from those causing problems for other BPCS clients. You may have many customers and only a few items, or you may have many items and only a few customers.

The likelihood is that the files that have grown fastest are also the files that BPCS processes many times during the course of each transaction. This means a gradual slowing down of transaction response times, and more CPU power is required each time to open and close the files and complete the transactions.

That powerful AS/400 your company invested in a couple of years ago may not be up to the job any more. Do you need an upgrade? Or do you just need to do some file archiving and housekeeping?

Archiving means that you can move the data to another library, where it is still available for query, and can even be retrieved if necessary. But the production environment is now free of the dead weight of data, and transaction processing should go as well as it did when you first went live.

In addition, you may find you are running out of sequence numbers – what happens when you have to reset your Order number back to 1 but want to keep all of your historic data for reporting?

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Small Blue Archiving

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