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Our services

We offer full BPCS and iSeries support services using SSA/IBM trained Consultants. Our team and the associates we work with, all have extensive BPCS and/or iSeries knowledge and experience.

From fire-fighting to bespoke modifications, data migration to BPCS training. we can cater for one-off or full contractual support or just the occasional helping hand  at extremely competitive rates.

It doesn’t matter to us if your BPCS installation is heavily modified, we are used to that! Our technicians are fully proficient with both AS/SET and RPG/CL as well as having individual excellence in other programming languages.

There is no need for us to attend your site to support you, reducing our cost to you even further - everything can be done remotely either by telephone or secure networking.

If you are looking for an alternative to Infor support, have a critical report that needs producing yesterday, need Help-line support cover for a week or two or have an urgent bug that needs eliminating - please call us, we’d be happy to help!

Our current associates

BPCS and iSeries Support

Our services

BPCS services

Genyphyr Novak

Genyphyr started her career as the IT director for a small manufacturing firm in 1994, and quickly moved on to work at IBM Rochester in 1996 as a software engineer developing IBM’s newly acquired Backup Recovery and Media Services (BRMS) product helping to rewrite it from RPG into C and C++. Genyphyr tested and coded BRMS, participated in OS400 design reviews, helped write the IBM Redbook on BRMS and worked directly with several large clients such as Shell Oil Canada in the lab to resolve product issues.

Recruited to SSA in 1997, in response to poor customer satisfaction over the V6 releases of BPCS, Genyphyr worked on re-writing documentation, improving testing processes, re-programming the Client/Server software. She spearheaded the implementation of SQL performance improvements. She held internal education for developers on best practices in RPG, C and SQL development. She moved into the role of senior systems architect working on the overall technical future and design of BPCS.

She designed many technical enhancements to BPCS, AS/SET and the SYS product between 2001 and 2009. She is a co-author of the IBM Redbook on eBPCS (V6.1.00) as well as many end user manuals. She specialises in design work, creative solutions to complex problems, diagnosing operating system issues, software integrations between 3rd party products and BPCS, data integrity, multi-language implementations, database tuning, system performance, programming, security and general technical debugging and trouble shooting. Since leaving SSA in early 2009, she has worked as an independent consultant.

Mark Rosser

Mark started his career in 1982 as a System 38 programmer. In 1990 he joined SSA as a technical consultant and went on to become a Technical Project Manager. On leaving the company in 1994 he went to Timberland clothing as a European IT support technician. In 1995 he joined Pacific International working with BPCS on customer modifications for clients on Version 4.0 and 5.1 in the U.K and Europe.

At this point he decided to start his own contracting company, MTR consulting, and immediately secured a contract with Dentsply International in 1998. At the end of the contract he moved to Tyco Healthcare and since this time has supplied consulting services for Jotun Paints, BOC Edwards, Huhtamaki (UK) Ltd, Glaxo Smith Kline and Johnson & Johnson.

Jo Walshe (First DBS)

Jo is an Oxford graduate with a Ph.D. in chemistry. She was responsible for BPCS Best Practice at Ciba and spent 9 years at SSA as Manufacturing Consultant.

Jo is now acclaimed as one of the best BPCS trainer/consultants around and teaches the OU course ‘Business operations’ delivering Value.








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