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Stitch in Time

Need better integrity control? Change management audit coming up?

This software can help! Stitch in Time uses the power of iSeries journaling to allow you to 'unpick' those BPCS accidents. It promotes continuous improvement of internal controls, and helps compliance with change management procedures such as Engineering Change Management.

Although the software uses journaling, it is designed to minimize overheads, and all changes are stored in database files for easy retrieval and reporting. You select which BPCS files you want to monitor.

Scenario A
The finished goods assembly schedule can't be achieved because a key purchased part is unavailable. Someone has made an inaccurate change to the effectivity date of an engineering change for the part in the Bill of Materials master file. So the old part was ordered by accident. Without Stitch in Time there is no way of knowing who made the change or of auditing to prevent such errors.

Scenario B
Finance complains about a drop in average selling prices. Someone has changed the promotions and customers have been receiving discounts they did not deserve. There's no way to figure out who changed the file, and sales are reluctant to re-invoice the undercharged customers. With Stitch in Time, you can see who made the change and prevent a similar thing happening again.


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