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Client testimonials

Clover Information Services

"Before upgrading one of our smaller BPCS environments from V6.1.01 to V8.2.01 we found that test conversions were taking too long for the window which we had available. We ran Small Blue Archiving a month before the conversion on V6.1.01 and in the process archived over 25 million records. This had a dramatic effect on our response times and cut our conversion time by more than 50%.

It is a great product which removes old data from the working database and transfers this data to archiving libraries together with the associated access paths for easy reference."

Hexcel Composites (U.K)

"Our General Ledger month end reconciliation process went down from 10 hours 30 minutes to just 2 hours 15 minutes after using Small Blue Archiving"

Baxters Foods (U.K)

"By our estimates, we have returned the production system response to that experienced when we first installed the AS/400 and BPCS around 5 years ago. It is an exceptionally intuitive product requiring little in the way of set-up and, coupled with the excellent support provided by Small Blue, was installed and functional in a very short period of time"

Jotun Paints (U.S.A)

"Small Blue approached us with what we now know to be a very viable and workable solution through their archiving software for BPCS. This has now proved to be invaluable in our daily business and combined with the professional service and positive attitude of their staff, has made the software a necessity to keep the business moving forward smoothly...

Impress SA (France)

"We used the Archiving solution to allow us to restart our BPCS order numbers after they reached 900,000. Users could still interrogate the orders from the archived sequence"

Jotun Paints (Malaysia)

"After using Small Blue Archiving we found that the software had actually negated the necessity to upgrade our machine at all, saving a considerable amount of money, time, and hassle"

GET Plc (U.K)

"We have archived almost 15 Gigabyte of data that our production environment no longer has to travel through, and the way the archiving software works has made it easy to set up an environment to access that old invoice from 4 years ago.

We highly recommend Small Blue Archiving as a solid software product that helps any BPCS installation preserve their AS400 performance and keeps BPCS tidy"

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